Cupping is an integral part of Chinese medicine and has also been used in different cultures for many years. It is a technique which uses glass, silicone, or bamboo jars as a suction device. Static cups, sliding/gliding cupping and fire cupping are all common forms of cupping therapy.

Once suction is created, the cups are moved along the body, usually along the back following specific channels, or placed over areas of tension, injury or acupuncture points. The skin and superficial muscle layer are drawn into the cup through gentle pressure. The suction and negative pressure of the cups, help to promote blood flow, ease muscles and calm the nervous system and most people find this very relaxing.

This technique is used to open the channels and regulate energy flow, helping to ease back and neck pains, fatigue, anxiety and rheumatism. Cupping is a prime, deep-tissue body therapy which can influence tissues up to four inches deep from the external layer of the skin, aiding the removal of blockages and toxins.